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Bosch smart life technology

Finding sales partner — Join us for cooperation in Bosch's smart home

Bosch (Shanghai) Smart Life Technology Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch (China) Investment Ltd., focusing on smart interconnection solutions, involving home, construction, industry and other fields.

However, "smart home" is the most inspiring part as we have exsisting products as below: smart door lock, KNX smart control module, smart switch, video door phone.

Smart lock

KNX smart home system

Smart switch

Video door phone

Join us

If you like the Bosch brand and believe in the development prospects of Bosch's smart home, please send the company profile, past performance and other relevant information to our official mailbox: home.smart@cn.bosch.com.We will contact you within ten working days. Come and join us this summer to go to an exciting tomorrow!